What rights and privileges do I have when I become an owner and member of the Club?

Let’s review the Royal Savoy vacation flexibility. Apart from the right to use your apartment every year for the time and period that you own, you have the following rights and privileges.

For how long do I own it?

This will depend on your type of membership and will be stipulated on your contract. The maximum occupancy is until the end of December 2032.

Once I have purchased my apartment, all I have to pay from then on is my Annual Fee?

Yes! The Annual Fee includes maintenance, maid service, utilities, furniture and equipment replacement funds, electricity, insurances, management, etc. In fact everything that you would expect from the Club .

Will this Annual Fee ever go up over time?

Of course…nobody can beat inflation completely. However, we have a long history of running the Savoy, in fact for almost 100 years,with a sound record of responsible management.

What happens if I cannot make use of my membership in any particular year?

There are several ways in which your membership can be used if this were to be the case.

Can they purchase from the UK?

Yes they can! We have what we call a mail-away service, which is easy and simple, with guaranteed security. A simple telephone call to our offices is sufficient to get the process started.

Is there a daily maid service?

Yes! We operate a normal daily hotel maid service, where sheets are changed three times per week (Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Saturday’s), and robes and towel’s changed as required.